Q – How often do TSols Tips supply selections?

Our VIP HORSE RACING TIPS are on Saturdays, we may also cover public holiday meetings from time to time an additional service with no further cost. We also provide the occasional LATE MAIL TIP outside of this time and these are made available on the website via your login. 

Our PUPPY TIPS are $400 per month with PUPPY TIPS available on Monday, Wednesday & Thursday.


VIP HORSE RACING TIPS are selective racing & clear staking advice for each of our VIP Selections, we do not bet in every race as this does not return a high ROI in the long term. In 2017 we won Clients 500 Units or $25000 for a $50 Unit Punter. 

PUPPY TIPS are provided via your online login 3 days a week once you have joined.

Q- If I purchase a monthly subscription today, does that mean that it will run until the end of the month? Or will it run for one month from the sign up date?

If you buy a monthly subscription, you will be billed on that day and your subscription will run until the corresponding day of the following month. Similarly, if you buy a yearly subscription you will be billed on the first day and your subscription will remain active until the corresponding day the following year.

Q- How do I pay for your selections?

Simply register your details and select your membership option, payment options are made available via the registration process.

Q- How do I access your selections?

Our ‘tips’ page is accessible once you have made payment via our site.

VIP HORSE RACING TIPS are available no later than Saturday 10am for Saturday’s races.

PUPPY TIPS are provided via your online login 3 days a week once you have joined.

Q – Will you post your selections on Facebook?

No, we don’t post our selections on Facebook, however we do post our recent WINNERS and run a number of competitions via our Facebook page.

Q – Do I need a computer to access your selections?

No, you can easily access our website and selections via your iPhone or iPad. Our page is very user friendly.

Q – Do I require a large bank to get started?

As we provide specific unit advice for the VIP Selections you can bet within your means with each member deciding what their unit value would be.

Q – Is this a sure way of making $$?

Nothing in life is a sure thing. All investments have some amount of risk involved. Our consistent results however have allowed our current client base to produce profitable results for sustained periods.

Q – Do I need to bet with bookmakers?

We recommend to maximise your returns on our WINNERS that you open an account with a corporate online betting agency. Prices offered are generally more generous than the local TAB.