The following are testimonials sourced straight from TSol’s Tips members.


Been with Tsol Tips from the start great service great tips I will always be part of his service Happy Punting


I had tried some other sites and tipping services with patchy success at best. I came across Tsols Tips on facebook and followed his page for a couple of weeks and every Saturday night I would scroll through Tsol facebook page to see many many WINNERS and had been disappointed that i wasn’t taking my piece of the pie. I finally got on board and i started to take my share! Sure, through Tsols Tips I am certainly way ahead in terms of winnings, but the thing you can’t beat is the friendly customer service you’l never get from any other sites, with Tsol often finding time to have a general chat about anything! He was especially helpful for a rookie like me with all the different sorts of ways to bet on exotics. I will be a member for as long as Tsol is providing tips so stop putting it off and jump on board the BANG!


“If your looking for someone to tip you a winner in every race, go home, sit down and think about it. If your looking for a tipster to give you consistent returns on winners (sometimes at big odds) and exotics have a look at Tsol’s Tips. It didn’t take long for my membership to pay for itself. Good guy and provides you with extra services like tipping comp’s, punters clubs, reference bonuses etc etc that you don’t get from others.”


I have been a member since meeting TSol at a function. The fact that Tsol Tips picks all major races on Saturdays and then sends an email giving you selections saves me time. The fact that his success rate is second to none is a bonus.

I would recommend Tsol Tips to anyone who wants a simple and cost effective service.


I’ve been a member of tsols tips for a few months.. I was a little bit worried about sending a bit of money to a complete stranger for tips, but I’m glad I did go with my gut instinct…

Tsols tips are a great way for income, I’ve had numerous amounts of massive winners, first fours, trifectas…



Wonderful tip sheet and service. Always on time, detailed and very clear analysis. Results and returns are fantastic. Tsol is also happy to answer emails personally if you have a certain horse you are interested in punting on for his views and comments. Good luck with the website and growth in your business.


I am an avid punter and follow a few horse racing pages on facebook. I ‘liked’ a few of the pages that are going around and received their free tips which I just looked at and never saw many big results.

By chance I stumbled upon the ‘Tsol’s Tip’s’ page, I liked the page and then over the next few weeks I started seeing the ‘BANGS!!!’ on my wall. Week after week I saw my wall on a Saturday and mid week filling up with BANGS! Tsol’s Tips kept getting winners! FROM STAND OUT WINNERS, TO QUINS/ EXACTAS TO TRI’S F4’S AND QUADDIES. Some weeks MASSIVE pays were getting up and put all over my wall while I was still getting mixed results.

So I Pm’d ‘Tsol’s tips’ how do I get in on this? he replied promptly and really friendly explained his background in the racing industry. Over the next few weeks I still kept seeing the ‘BANGS!’ on my wall whilst I was still doing average with my weekend punting. I eventually bit the bullet and said ‘stuff it it, i’m getting in on this’! I purchased a year subscription and seriously I’m REALLY HAPPY, i’m now ‘Banging’ better than ever. Tsol’s Tip’s has definitely provided me with the tools needed to make a more informed choice when it comes to placing my bets. Tsol’s Tips has provided me with a WINNING platform that has helped me achieve big returns from minimal outlays. In my opinion smart punters WILL make profits by subscribing to Tsol’s Tip’s!

I have recently taken up Tsols offer of  Refer a friend bonus program and as always he deilvered the goods!!


QUICK sign up today & don’t miss out on WINNERS WINNERS WINNERS!

I first came across Tsol Tips when I was just looking on Facebook. I saw some of his winners that was on his page for that Saturday, there were $8, $12 & a big one of $26 I remember (not to mention his tri’s & first 4’s).

Straight away I messaged Tsol and asked what the rules & regulations were about signing up with him. He was very helpful and explained everything I wanted to know. So I signed up for 1 month to trial it… I’m a 12 month member & will be signing up again once the 12 months is up.

Tsol & his team get winners each week and its amazing how many they get, but in some cases the price they pay, it’s just incredible, it really is.

So if you don’t mind a punt & are after sum professional tips jump on board and sign up with Tsol’s Tips today, he won’t let you down.

Happy punting.